About Me

I chose to go on this path of natural healing as a result of my own experience of having acne for over 10 years. This in turn led me to have multiple allergies, candida albicans, migraine headaches and a weakened immune system. All of these maladies were a result of being on prolonged antibiotic use including Accutane and birth control pills among others. After attending  Tony Robbins Unlimited Power Weekend,  I learned to give up dairy, and my acne  started to clear.
New doors opened up and my healing journey began.  I started making easy food and lifestyle changes. As a result of these changes, not only did my acne clear, my migraines and candida albicans went away along with  allergies.  I now have a  strong immune system  as well.
My mission is that I am dedicated to giving you health and wellness tips that empower you to live your best life.   I will share with you easy choices in food and lifestyle which will lead you to enhance your well-being in body, mind and soul and heal holistically.